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  George Papadam


AUTO TECHNOSTORES. A name that has been identified with the reliable and responsible maintenance of your car.

George Papadam founded AUTO TECHNOSTORES in 2002 and heads up the business administration. From the first year of foundation the company marked a continuous ascendant course as much of the provided services as also in the sale of parts.

Our central shop is constituted by excellently organized departments with modern installations, equipped with the latest technology instruments and diagnostic tools. The electronic library in our workshop is always informed through the technical departments of VOLKSWAGEN group which ensures us a excellently educated personnel, that guarantees the high quality of work in all of our departments.

Our initial mission was to ensure a high level of provided services. Today, five years later, we developed important knowledge on the new technologies, we improved and add new services, aiming always at your absolute services.
All departments of our company are framed by excellently worked out individuals that are ready to make each of your visit either in the shop or our web site unique and unusual.

Our ultimate object is to continue improving the processes, offering new services to our customers via an effective network of cooperators in all Greece.
The experience in combination with the consequence that characterizes us is the basic factor for the continuation of our achieving course in the Greek market.
The exemplary and irreproachable operation of AUTO TECHNOSTORES is rewarded daily by all of you who supporting us with your confidence.

We leave you to enjoy all of our services during the maintenance of your car and afterwards.

George Papadam and collaborators

130a Ektoros str. & Thivon - 131 23 Ilion - Phone: 210 50 63 373 - Fax: 210 50 20 169